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Mombasa Campus

MKU Plaza in the heart of Mombasa city. The building is being extended to 10 floors from its current five.MKU Plaza in the heart of Mombasa city. The building is being extended to 10 floors from its current five.

Distance from Main Campus: 540 kilometres
The Campus is located in the coastal city of Mombasa along Nkrumah Road. It is housed at MKU Plaza. The five storey plaza was acquired by the university for the use by the campus. It admitted its first students in September, 2008. Since then the Campus has successfully graduated five groups of both undergraduate and postgraduate  students. The campus continues to admit students pursuing courses in various Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate and Post Graduate programmes. The Campus has mounted various infrastructural developments to facilitate in the teaching, research and consultancy services.

“Tropical paradise ”

MOMBASA, an island squatting on the Indian Ocean is Kenya's second largest city. It is the main access route to Kenya by sea, and is thus the artery that feeds the country's import/export economy. Mombasa port serves not only Kenya but the neighbouring landlocked countries in East Africa. The town's reputation as a business hub dates back to the 15th century.

Portuguese voyager Duarte Barbosa described it as "a place of great traffic." At one time, the city was a major battleground between the Portugese and the Turks, fighting over control of this vital trading route. The scars and tools of these battles are a major tourism site at the coastal town. Now, Mombasa is best known as a tropical paradise, thanks to its all-round sun and sandy beaches

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