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Course Rationale

The Pre-University Programme is designed for students who have not met the requirements for entry into Bachelor programs. The Programme provides students with academic skills focusing on analysis, research and academic literacy. The course is an alternative pathway into Mount Kenya University and is a means whereby a student can master competencies needed for successful undergraduate study.

Why study the programme
It is intended to help students develop skills, knowledge and attitudes required for the university level

Target Groups

Most governments in Africa have priorities to increase the rate of participation of students in Higher education .However due to a number of factors many students fail to attain the requirement for admission in private and public universities .The programme aims at improving student’s access s to higher education by exposing them to university preparatory courses.

Programme Objectives

  1. The key objectives of the programme are to prepare students wishing to upgrade their qualification to join Diploma or Undergraduate programmes.
  2. The programme prepares the students for progression or higher levels of study in their fields of specialization.
  3. The course is offered under the Department of Education and Counseling
  4. Upgrade secondary school leavers in the social sciences, sciences and mathematics
  5. Improve student use of English

Entry Requirements
To be admitted to the program a student must have acquired a mean grade of c-   (minus) in Kenya certificate of secondary examination (KSCE) or equivalent.


Download the most recent fee structure here

Application form

Applications can be downloded here , you can also submit your application online here

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