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Certificate in Bridging Mathematics

Course Rationale

Many University programmes require certain level of mathematics. At Mount Kenya University, almost all courses in the Faculty of Science require a student to have credit in Mathematics. Science students who intend majoring in mathematics, computer science or physics, and all Engineering students require a good understanding Mathematics .Courses in Agriculture, Architecture and Pharmacy also need good Mathematics background does some in Economics programmes.
Students lacking the required mathematical background may be allowed to enroll in a course, but they are likely to experience serious difficulties unless they undertake additional study in preparation. One way to help overcome this difficulty Mount Kenya Curriculum Committee came up with bridging courses in mathematics that run for a period of one semester to upgrade students’ knowledge in Mathematics and enable them do programmes of their choices

Why study the programme

  1. Develop the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding needed for continuing education, for life and for work
  2. Develop the skills of dealing with mathematical concepts in context and applications, as well as in solving problems
  3. Foster a positive attitude to mathematics in the learner

Target Groups
A large number of candidates would like to pursue Science courses and University education on completion of high school education but are restricted by the poor performance in Science Mathematics subjects at Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). To address this phenomenon, the School of Science offers bridging courses in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics

Programme Objectives

  1. The ability to recall relevant mathematical facts instrumental understanding (“knowing how”) and necessary psychomotor skills (skills of physical coordination)
  2. The ability to apply their mathematical knowledge and skill to solve problems in familiar and in unfamiliar contexts
  3. Analytical and creative powers in mathematics
  4. An appreciation of and positive disposition towards mathematics

Entry Requirements
Aggregate Grade C+ in KCSE or the equivalent qualifications


Download the most recent fee structure here

Application form

Applications can be downloded here , you can also submit your application online here

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