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Certificate in Bridging Chemistry

Course Rationale
Secondary school leavers (including O- and A- level) whose performance in O-level chemistry was poor are limited in the choice of career in science.  Because of these limitations, many are forced to take less desirable alternative careers.

The bridging course in Chemistry is intensive study programs which will prepare such category of students and hence enable them pursue higher education in chemistry, agriculture and industrial courses

Why study the programme

  1. Improve the trainee’s skills in Chemistry.
  2. Upgrade secondary school leaver’s competence in Chemistry in order to attain the entry qualification for courses in tertiary institutions.

Target Groups

The course is designed for students who have completed high school studies and have a weak background in the chemistry subject and who are enrolling in a Faculty for which knowledge of Chemistry is needed. It is suitable for students entering any of the first year chemistry courses at the main campus at the Mount Kenya University as  it aims to provide students with the basic knowledge required for the study of chemistry at university level; it's especially suitable if you have not studied chemistry before but intend to study courses which require some knowledge of chemistry

Programme Objectives
Upon completion of the prescribed course of the study for the Bridging Course chemistry the graduate will have acquired the skills and abilities to be able to:
1)    Undertake undergraduate programmes that require chemistry background

Entry Requirements
The general regulations of Mount Kenya University and those of the Mount Kenya University School shall apply. No candidate shall be registered for the Bridging Certificate in Chemistry without satisfying the minimum University entry requirements. The Senate of the university shall have the final authority on all matters relating to academics.The programme will be guided by the regulation stipulated in the following sections


Download the most recent fee structure here

Application form

Applications can be downloded here , you can also submit your application online here

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