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Welcome from the Chancellor

I am very pleased to welcome you to Mt. Kenya University, the fastest growing private university in Eastern Africa.  I hope you will find this web-site informative and user-friendly.

MKU offers a high quality, broad-based education that prepares students for life after college or professional school because our curriculum requires a broad base of knowledge, in addition to a high level of accomplishment in their chosen field.All students acquire the basic skills in communication, technology, qualitative and quantitative analysis and research needed for success in the modern job market.  In addition, they will gain perspectives on history and culture in a learning environment that promotes global understanding.

The MKU faculty and administration work hard to support students every step of their way.  Our faculty members are renowned in their disciplines and recognized for their teaching skills and commitment to the students.  They share a passion for the pursuit of knowledge and consistently challenge students to expand their minds and hearts.

Our administration and staff provide the necessary support and resources to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential. Students are encouraged to develop their intellectual potential and character by actively participating in their own education; therefore, students are expected to question, to explore, to wonder why.    When students leave MKU, they will not just accept information as it is, but will develop their own views and better understand how others have arrived at certain conclusions. They will be analytical thinkers

Students are also encouraged to develop their minds and bodies outside the classroom.  Sporting activities include rugby, basketball, hockey and soccer, as well as games like pool and table tennis.  Student clubs are very active on campus, and every student is required to participate in an internship and provide some form of service to the community.  Here at MKU we believe education is about strengthening and improving the whole person – physical ability, ethics, and brains.

Whether you are a student, parent, professor or administrator, it is exciting to be a part of this community, where everyone is working hard to achieve new heights.  For those of you new to MKU, I wish to congratulate you.  You have joined an exceptional institution with sufficient resources and committed individuals to help you in your quest for greater knowledge and a meaningful role in our society. For those of you who are parents, I wish to assure you that we take our responsibilities toward your children very seriously, and do our best to provide them with a safe and secure environment for learning.  For well-wishers, prospective students, faculty and staff, I hope you like what you see on this web-site and look forward to welcoming you to campus soon.

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