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University Council

Prof. David Serem, Chairman University CouncilProf. David Serem, Chairman University Council Dr. Vincent Gaitho, Ph.D, Vice-Chair University CouncilDr. Vincent Gaitho, Ph.D, Vice-Chair University Council Prof. Barasa Otysula,Ph.D, MemberProf. Barasa Otysula,Ph.D, Member Dr. Francis Njonge,Ph.D, MemberDr. Francis Njonge,Ph.D, Member
 Dr. Felix Kiruthu,Ph.D, MemberDr. Felix Kiruthu,Ph.D, Member  Consolata Kiragu, MemberConsolata Kiragu, Member  Dr. Jonah Aiyabei,Ph.D, MemberDr. Jonah Aiyabei,Ph.D, Member  Mr. Thomas T. Nganga, MemberMr. Thomas T. Nganga, Member
 Dr. Ken Ramani,Ph.D, MemberDr. Ken Ramani,Ph.D, Member  Commissioner Njoki Kahiga, memberCommissioner Njoki Kahiga, member Dr Jane Wakahe, Ph.D, MemberDr Jane Wakahe, Ph.D, Member  Prof. Stanley Waudo, Ph.D, SecretaryProf. Stanley Waudo, Ph.D, Secretary

Vice Chancellor Prof Stanley Waudo, PhD

Mount Kenya University is authorized by the Commission for Higher Education to operate in Kenya as a non-profit making university. The University is a member of the Inter University Council of East Africa. The University is founded on a strong foundation of Board of Trustees whose Chairman is Mr. Simon N. Gicharu who is the founder and sponsor of the University. The Board of Trustees recognizes that investment in science and technology is critical in producing graduates who are generators of knowledge that is utilizable in development of technologies required for socio-economic development. In pursuance of the university master plan and strategic plan, the University Management is committed to continuous expansion of academic resources such as teaching facilities, library facilities and human resource among others. The University Management will continue to aggressively implement the University 2008-2018 strategic plan priority development areas listed below:Expansion of academic programmes


Welcome from the Chancellor

I am very pleased to welcome you to Mt. Kenya University, the fastest growing private university in Eastern Africa.  I hope you will find this web-site informative and user-friendly.

MKU offers a high quality, broad-based education that prepares students for life after college or professional school because our curriculum requires a broad base of knowledge, in addition to a high level of accomplishment in their chosen field.All students acquire the basic skills in communication, technology, qualitative and quantitative analysis and research needed for success in the modern job market.  In addition, they will gain perspectives on history and culture in a learning environment that promotes global understanding.


Word from the Chairman - The MKU Chairman: Mr. Simon Gicharu

"We have a mission"
When the university’s foundation was laid, I was very clear in my mind about what we wanted to do. I note with pride and satisfaction that what started as a dream is slowly being transformed into a reality. This university has a mission it wants to fulfil. We are doing everything possible to improve the existing facilities as well as put up new ones to enhance learning and training.

I hope you will find this web-site informative and user-friendly.

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