Deputy Vice-Chancellors APIA

DVC. Administration, Planning and Institutional Advancement (APIA)

Welcome to the Administration, Planning and Institutional Advancement (APIA) division. The division is mandated to discharge functions of managing the University’s human resources, information and communication technology, physical infrastructure and security services.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor APIA, is responsible for supporting the Vice- Chancellor on all matters of administration, leadership and institutional advancement geared towards full realization of the University’s Vision, Mission and Objectives as articulated in the strategic plan. To this end, the DVC-APIA is mandated to support in mobilizing the division to come up with and implement prudent administrative plans, policies and operational guidelines that operationalize the realization of the universities dreams and aspirations.


Specifically the key functions of division include;
i) Overall administration and management of University resources.
ii) Implementation of university plans, policies, strategies and programmes.
iii) Human resource management and development.
iv) Management of Information management Systems.
v) Planning and coordination of university development.
vi) Development and provision of quality services.
vii) Coordination of security services.

In order to facilitate the smooth running and coordination the division is organized into four directorates; Human Resource, Institutional Planning and Administration, Information Communication Technology and Security directorates. The division is committed to create a conductive work ecosystem that supports our highly competent dedicated and professional staff to provide exemplary services to our students, faculty, support staff and other stakeholders.

Dr. Evans Mwiti, Ph.D