Career in College of Health Sciences

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

Career Opportunities

You will be trained for careers as:

  1. Medical doctors
  2. Specialists in various Medical Fields after a further Education eg; Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, etc.
  3. Clinical researchers
  4. Academicians

Department of Medical Laboratory

Students graduating with diploma, bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees in medical laboratory sciences work as;

  • Medical laboratory technologist
  • Medical laboratory sales representatives
  • Researchers
  • Research assistant
  • Teachers and lecturers

Department of Dental Sciences

Diploma and degree holders in Dental Technology make careers as:

  • Dental Technologists (replacing teeth, fixing braces, mouth guards, whiten/bleach teeth and cosmetic dentistry).
  • Oral technologists, cleaning, scaling and filling teeth)
  • Dental therapists

Graduates of Clinical Medicine are readily absorbed in public and private health care facilities, research institutes and/or agencies, tertiary institutions and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as:

  1. Registered clinical officers
  2. Study clinical officers
  3. Clinical instructors
  4. Research assistants
  5. Research associates
  6. Health program managers/supervisors
  7. Health records assistants
  8. Data entry clerks
  9. Health record officers
  10. Research assistants
  11. Data registrars
  12. Tutors/lecturers

You will be engaged in rewarding careers in the public, private, international NGOs and the United Nations agencies, which include:

  1. Nutritionist /dietician
  2. Clinical nutritionist/dietician
  3. Public health nutritionist
  4. Community nutritionist
  5. Food service diet therapist
  6. Tutor/lecturer
  7. Nutrition scientist in research institutions

Careers opportunities for those trained in pharmacy are available in public and private health facilities, research institutes, tertiary institutions and pharmaceutical industry and include:

  1. Pharmacy technicians
  2. Pharmacists
  3. Researcher coordinators
  4. Quality/production managers
  5. Production managers
  6. Marketing and medical representatives

With the reforms being undertaken in the health sector to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) at the County and National levels, graduates in Nursing have very promising career prospects as nurses in;

  1. Health facilities under the 47 counties and the National Government
  2. Faith-based organizations
  3. Research institutes
  4. The United States of America (USA), the United Kingdom (UK) and Canada once licensed by the Nursing Council of Kenya
  5. Private health facilities such as clinics and nursing homes

Unlocking Infinite Possibilities