Joshua Saitoti Sanet - MKUSA President 2020/2021 urge students to observe MoH guidelines

saitoti-joshua-presidentJoshua Saitoti Sanet: Council President on herding his Cattle and urging students to take a personal responsibility in curbing COVID.


Hailing from Narok County, Narok North Constituency, Joshua Saitoti Sanet , MKUSA President 2020/2021 and Economics student has other tittles to his name. A farmer. This COVID season has seen him reunite with his Cattle and sheep which he grazes happily during this period.

In his message to continuing students and freshmen, the President has urged students to take a personal responsibility in curbing transmission and infection of COVID-19 pandemic. He said,

"I have learnt that taking personal responsibility in curbing covid is protecting the entire society".


MKU Malawian student Phil Bosco Tallo urge students to observe MoH guidelines


In his Sophomore year pursuing a Bachelor's of in Early Childhood Studies, the Malawian student whose hobbies include teaching children and playing soccer shares his Quarantine experience.

He urges his fellow students to observe the measures put in place to curb COVID-19 pandemic.

" I ask my fellow students to observe social distancing ,wear face masks in public places and also sanitize" Phil observes.


This COVID season has seen sink his energies into his studies and thus has not had time to read a Book. However, he has been keeping up with COVID news, guidelines and journals to help him better in keeping safe.


Joy Akinyi, MKUSA Vice President 2020/2021 take on COVID -19 pandemic

Vice President Joy Akinyi: On COVID-19 , how she is spending her Quarantine, her message to Students and current read- Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu.


"This period is an opportunity to grow. Do not come out of this season the same way you were in March. Read, watch, exercise, learn new skills and try out new things that you have never done. This is actually a time to discover yourself, your potentials"


Her call for the youth?

"First and foremost the youths are the majority in Kenya. This means that we are spread everywhere in this country. This means we can make influence in these parts of the country where people do not even know about this virus and the measures to take. This is also made possible with the fact that we have more access to information than the older people" Joy speaks.


Balecho Erick Naaman take on COVID-19 Pandemic

MKU sport personality 2019: Balecho Erick NaamanA Left footed central attacking midfielder from Mombasa shares his Quarantine experience.


In his 2nd year pursuing a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, Balecho Erick Naaman talented footballer from Mombasa County loves football. Apart from giving him a little difficulties in his studies, COVID-19 has hindered his practice but he finds time to train despite that. " I have to train on my own so as to keep myself fit before the league resumes" Balecho Says.

He recommends "The Art of Living and Dying by Osho" as your COVID season read . The calm midfielder posits that students, too can play a role in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. "By observing the guidelines the government has put in place to curb the spread of corona virus" he says.