Guidance and Counselling

To enable students to make daily life adjustments and/or cope with major emotional difficulties, the office of the Dean of Students maintains a counselling service.

All counselling is confidential and may be done on an individual or group basis. Students who want to build their strengths or are experiencing difficulties or worries about inter-school transfers, career issues, financial needs, academic issues, physical health concerns (including HIV/AIDS), spiritual matters, family and relationship matters, stress, violence, disability, addictions( drugs/alcohol), sexual concerns, depression, trauma, personality issues etc are encouraged to seek the necessary assistance through these officers.

The office of the Dean of Students also organizes workshops, talks and training for students on topics of interest to students. Students should read the notice boards for information on upcoming events organized by this office.

Peer Counsellors.

The office of the Dean of students in conjunction with the counseling department (Academics) conducts training for student peer counselors. This is done annually, for you to be considered you need to possess the following Characteristics:

  1. Good interpersonal skills
  2. Congruent
  3. Empathic
  4. Confidentiality- Be able to uphold oath of secrecy
  5. Unconditional positive regard for peer

Peer counselors are meant to enhance counseling services by assisting University counselors by providing support and encouragement to fellow students . Studies review that students are more likely to share their problems with a fellow student than with a parent or their lectures. Their mingling with the others makes it easy for the peer counselors to identify potential counseling cases.

The Office of the Dean of Students is located at the student centre,1st floor.

The office of the Associate Dean of Students is located at the student centre,1st floor.

The Center of Counselling services is located in FLT Room 38