Resumption of face-to-face learning

Campus is usually a warm environment where you interact with friends, make new friends, stitch memories- daily. To continuing students who have spent months apart due to the pandemic, must be yearning to; - meet, hug, shake hands, hold parties with their friends. Unfortunately, this may not happen as we encourage you all to observe COVID-19 regulations for your own safety and that of your friend(s).


Notably, with the COVID-19 pandemic still around us we need to observe laid down procedures and regulations to prevent, minimize and stop infection and transmission of the virus. As thus you may need to observe but not limited to the following-


1. Wear your mask, at all times.
2. Wear your mask PROPERLY
3. Avoid physical contact; - hugs, handshake, pecking
4. Keep social distance
5. Wash your hands often
6. Carry an extra mask
7. In place of group discussions, use zoom, Teams or even WhatsApp to minimize contact.


Have a wonderful semester, wear your mask always & observe MOH guidelines.

In the pew language of turn to your neighbor and tell them God loves you, I'd like us to say "Turn to your neighbor & tell them to wear a Mask, always"


Welcome to Mount Kenya University community!