The future is Digital; Adapt & Adopt E-learning

Then came COVID-19 which has changed the way Universities admit students and teach. Unlike the conventional traditional methods of In-person teaching, e-learning has been embraced to ensure; - continuity of learning and safety of students. Mount Kenya University has taken crafted a path to ensure learning does not stop under the weight of this pandemic, it is now the Pauline duty of every student to step up and embrace these changes.

For students, COVID-19 has sent you into confusion. Now, you are torn between choosing inconveniently timed lectures, which require you, the student, to attend and access other learning resources online, home chores since all of you are at home and deferring your studies until normalcy resumes.


For freshmen, sophomores and those ahead of them, campus is not just a sanctuary of learning, but a place where you have and continue to make friendship, identify and nurture talent. It also a place you find lifetime partners. This has been edited by the pandemic since all of you, and your colleagues across the globe will be restricted to learning in your homes. It may not sit well with you, as you will miss your colleagues, friends, classmates, teammates, the handshakes and hugs the University environment comes with. However, you must adapt and adopt e-learning as it is the future. It'll allow you to continue and finish your studies even with the threat of a pandemic at hand.


As the old adage goes,- the ball is in your court.


Adapt and adopt e-learning, that is the future and we want you all, there.


Wear a mask, wash your hands regularly & observe social distance.