The Future is Digital, Embrace it now

Automation of learning will play a major role in future learning processes. Investing in IT infrastructure, Digital content production and building institutional capacities and building a system that is resilient to future shocks will be the focus of firms, organizations and learning institutions


Literacy, numeracy and digital literacy are essential. With all these technological transformation and the future of work uncertain, these attributes are important. Every human who lives without them is having their economic and social future short-changed.


Digital transformation has changed the way we work, learn and live. It has revolutionized industries, money markets and our classrooms. The future of work is hybrid, and we will be leveraging digital as a path back to physical.


The mass adoption of smart devices has sparked a new wave of remote work. Remote working looks different depending on the industry. For example, in the context of business services such as engineering or manufacturing, employees who carry out different tasks remotely using digital technologies are known as connected workers ensuring minimal errors and increased productivity.

As the speed of digital transformation accelerates, the world needs to adapt to a shift that is becoming apparent. Technology, modernization and experience are key drivers behind this massive shift. Leveraging in opportunities for growth is the most important reason for investing in transformation.


Adapt or be left behind. Dubbed as "The Tech generation" I implore you all to embrace future, which is Digital.