Meet Ismail Ibrahim Likwembe

Describe your program
I am pursuing Bachelor in Clinical Medicine and Community health. The course takes 4 years of coursework, clinical rotations, then attachment and later government posting.


Did you have any concerns about studying abroad?
Studying abroad is actually everyone's dream, so after I graduated my form 6 class I had some options for my further studies at the university level- and specifically I had to choose between Kenya and Malaysia taking great cognizance of parents wishes. I chose Kenya because I felt my parents could easily afford in terms of expenses compared to Malaysia and I wanted to learn under an environment similar to my home country.

What Challenges have you faced during your study/stay in Mount Kenya University and by extension, Kenya?
Not much. The usual hurdles in my course whereby there is more time to books than to myself. Life in Kenya is not that much different to life in Tanzania - but the biggest challenge was how I could cope with the status of Kenya economically since the currency of Kenya is higher compared to Tanzanian currency (Which has made life in Kenya to be some how expensive than in Tanzania).


Tell us about your Mount Kenya University experience?
As a first year, 2nd semester student a stair case away from being a sophomore, inspite of the busy academic life I have found time to interact with fellow international students, Kenyans from every stripe, I have made friends who have been helpful during my stay. I love football; I am a midfielder, I find time to play with fellow students. I look forward to an exciting sophomore year and eventually graduation at this my alma mater.