Meet Angelique Redempta Icyishaka


What Challenges have you faced during your study/stay in Mount Kenya University and by extension, Kenya?

The biggest challenge was language barrier which made it harder to connect with my peers.
Being far from my support system, family, everyone and everything I was familiar with and of course coping with cultural differences.

Did you have any concerns about studying abroad?

My biggest concern was like anyone else's when they move away from home. Being alone in a foreign country with no one to look out for me.

Tell us about your Mount Kenya University experience?

I met great people in MKU who were welcoming and quickly my fears, concerns and challenges about moving in to a new country and university faded. My experience in MKU has been full of ups and downs but I would not trade the downs as they shaped the person I am today; strong, resilient and independent soon to be doctor. Mount Kenya University has helped me better myself personally, academically and socially. Our professors have done everything within their power to make sure we get the best education and experience. I am grateful to Mount Kenya University for the opportunity to study here.