Meet Faith Mutia Miss MKU 2019/2020

Faith’s story began back in 2017 when she registered and competed for the Miss MKU title 2017/2018 and her performance then ( according to the judges ) didn’t warrant any ranking. Passionate about fashion and aided by her alpha spirit, she never gave up. Instead, she took the lessons as building blocks of success and practiced for the main day. Twenty four months later, her efforts paid off, her practice paid off, she bagged the title beating eleven participants.

Faith Mutia ‘s journey is a living testimony of Hollywood Star Lupita Nyong'o 's words “No matter where you come from, your dreams are valid” your failures don’t define you, they make you.

She loves cooking. She loves fashion, too. While she waits for the former to ripen, the latter has ripened and tested the first fruits on Friday as the newly crowned Miss Mount Kenya University 2019/2020. Fancie , who has roots from Kitui County is passionate about fashion, fighting climate change and is upbeat and ready to discharge her duties in the new office.

Top on her list during her term is to crown a Mr and Miss Children Home, raise awareness on the importance of tree planting, create employment and offer support to upcoming models.

"Talent search at the children's home and crowning a Mr and Miss Children 's Home is top on my list. I also have plans underway to mentor upcoming models to horn their skills and offer opportunities in order to give them a chance to live up to their dreams"

She also plans to make her new office active by being in touch with students and participating actively in University roles.

Fancie fancies reading novels, adventure, swimming, dancing, cooking and modelling. Her favorite meal is Ugali and beef.

" I thank God for the win, my parents, friends and organizers’ of Mr/Miss MKU 2019 and Mount Kenya University for giving me the platform to grow my talent. I also take this special moment to congratulate all those who participated in the competition, you are the real winners. I look forward to working with all of you in working to better our environment.

God bless you all." She concludes.