Eliud Kipchoge: Lessons from the Limitless Man

Apart from giving a moment of Sporty Patriotic unity, Kipchoge, he has achieved what most people spend their whole lives wishing they could. And at best-trying so desperately to accomplish. There’s a lot we can learn from this great marathoner. Let’s look at 4.

1. Get started.

Success is a journey. More like an organic process. It is an accumulation of several little victories that warm you up to your record-breaking marathon. He had to start preparing early. He had to try once and fail then train again. He had to leave the starting line. He completed the first kilometer. Then the second… then the forty second kilometer. Like any other process, it is all a theory until the action starts. So whatever you have been aiming at; better grades in your semester, a raise at your job, you need this one major pitch to get a big break. Study the process. Get started.
eliud-kipchoge-in-the-air2. Get a mentor.

Very little is known about Sang, Eliud’s coach as much is known about Eliud Kipchoge. Little is also known of how Eliud nagged Mr. Sang for training sessions. Little is known of how many disagreements they may have had over training. And Sang didn’t win the race- he let Eliud win it for him. Simply, Sang knew what needed to be done and made sure Eliud did it all along without tyring to compete with him. This is who a mentor is. Also mentor needs to know your story. You cannot go changing mentors as if you’re shuffling cards.

You need a whole system of people other than your who have your back. This is the next thing.

3. Have a network of support.

Eliud had his family, his coach, his pacesetters, his financier and hell! Even his whole country throw their weight behind him. You need a set of people that understand why you are doing this and how they can help you. Some didn’t even understand why he was running but they cheered him on, because when people who actually understand the significance of your action rally behind you the universe conspired to support you. Be a good team mate, a good friend, a disciplined workman(Running any marathon is a skill for sure.) Have close friends, family, work friends, weak ties… quality network of people who can help you along.

4. Keep jogging, just don't jog on the Spot!

Now, everyone knows Nyashinski’s song; Marathon Runner. Even those who don’t listen to his music. I hope you have made the mistake of thinking all that is being said is Kipchoge. Now that you know it is Kipchoge, remember the importance of not knowing. Eliud tried this in 2017 and failed, then trained for #INEOS159 as if he had never failed before. He kept jogging, he kept going.

So when you get started and you don’t understand the process. When you get a mentor and you don’t understand how this relationship isn’t helping you grow.

When you have a network but it is not giving you the support you need. Remind yourself and the people around you the importance of doing it again with the same zeal as before. Get started and keep jogging.

Keep Jogging, Just don’t jog on the spot!