Meet MaryAnne Chege

She chose it because she felt it was the right thing to do let alone her passion and relentless love to dismantle any Electronic device on sight. And when she received her letter of admission to join Mount Kenya University to pursue a Diploma in Electrical and Electrics Engineering, it was a moment of joy and a dream fulfilled. As someone who grew up with a desire to know how electronics work, she envisioned herself as an Engineer who will tailor solutions for her Country and the world to modern problems and demands of a fast moving world. This made her fall in love with Engineering.


Armed with an admission letter in hand and under her parents in tow, Maryanne Chege made her journey into Mount Kenya University- Thika Campus. This maiden trip felt like taking a plunge into the unknown on many levels. She had no friends in Mount Kenya University. What's more, she is not a sociable person. She was entering a place teeming with Students from every stripe who have all come to pursue their dream(s).

After an orientation by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Stanley Waudo, her journey at university had begun. With no friends, with no bell.

Her entry to Campus was welcomed with the position of a Class representative. A position that has pummeled her into new sights, new challenges, new experiences and new opportunities. "Being in a class of more than 20 male students as the only lady and Class representative has been a journey. Though daunting, it has been fullfilling. " She says.

She has dutifully discharged her responsibilities since her appointment to date and encourages more ladies to take up Engineering and debunk the myth that it is a male dominated field.


Having joined Mount Kenya University in September 2018, she has had a good share of campus life. A cocktail of experiences she says.


"It's been fun, boring, captivating, devastating and you know all the juice with some flavours I don't like. All in all I've tried to make myself comfortable by looking for things that keep me busy"

Maryanne Chege, an Alumni of Alliance Girls, finished her high school education and immediately joined University. Being a not- so- sociable person, She is a soul so shy that finds confidence behind spectacles she wears, tells of how her struggle to survive in an environment where bells do not exist nor give alerts on what to do next as an adventurous expedition.


During her first week in Campus, she missed lectures as she awaited for a bell to ring. She narrates,

"During my first week, I had a rough time keeping time and adjusting to a life without a bell. I came straight from high school where I was used to a bell. But So far I have adjusted and I do not struggle to attend classes.I make my classes fun"

"My course is really practical and I'm a practical person so my curiosity drives me to attend classes, also, being a class rep makes me take up the challenge and be a better example. " she adds.

She draws her strength from her Mentor and mother. “ She is ambitious, caring and supportive. Her personality is adorable.”

On peer pressure, alcohol and drugs, Maryanne, a pet lover (dogs) shoots from the hip "Have your principles and be firm. Bad Company ruins good morals”


She narrates her experience in Mount Kenya University and how it has shaped her personality and view of life. Her high moment was when she was assumed the position of Class representative in a class of male Students except her.


"Mount Kenya University and my class have influenced my personality and my view of life. It has toughened me up, especially the Class representative position. The daily leadership challenges have made me a better student and leader. In my stay here, I have learnt what it means to be a loyal friend and what it means to stand up for each other in times of trouble. I have also made friends too"


" I have learnt to make meaning out of life and pursue every task with surgical meticulousness and missionary zeal" she concludes.