Top 3 Infinix Beat Ya Campo Winners


Infinix Beat Ya Campo Winner MKU Edition
Ken Baro (40pts)

Top three Contestants of Infinix Beat Ya Campo

  1. Ken Baro (40pts)
  2. Kamore (39pts)
  3. Lynn Wangechi (39pts)

1. Ken Baro
The Winner of Infinix Beat Ya Campo Winner MKU Edition is a talented musician who loves singing, reading and gracing Live concerts of his favorite artists. 27 year old mentors include Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa, Musicians Nameless and Kidum. A Sophomore pursuing Public Administration and Governance, has been singing from a tender age and loves music. KenKen Baro Says,

“My greatest aspiration in life is to compose music that will inspire others, touch lives and educate a people”


2. Mercy Joy Irungu

The fourth year student pursuing Literature and Linguistics going by her stage moniker “Kamore” is a powerhouse of vocals under lenses sharing her philosophy through music.


The Indie Soul artiste who looks up to , Billie Eilish, Jacob Collier, Bobby Mcferrin & Alice Kimanzi, hopes to thrill her fans alongside industry heavyweights like Jacob Collier & Bobby Mcferrin.

Kamore throws her generation into introspection with perhaps the millennial question? 

“If everyone in the world died and I was left alone with what I have created, would I be satisfied with it?”



3. Lynn Wangechi
Aged 19 the 3rd runner’s up Infinix Beat Ya Campo Winner MKU Edition, is a Sophomore from the School of Computing and Informatics pursuing Business Information Technology. Apart from listening to music, singing, gaming and catching up with the latest series, “Teelyan” her stage moniker, loves travelling too.


Her mentors include the Black Panther star and Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong'o , Billie Ellish and Khalid.

Lynn believes in starting small and plans to practice more as she prepares to grow her musical career.

“My future plans on music are to continue doing people's covers as I grow and master the art of making my own music.We all have to start somewhere right?” She pauses.