Supa Sato : Tusome, Tucheze , Tufurahie


Themed "Tusome! Tucheze! Tufurahie!" Due to the rising rates of suicides, homicides, Crimes of passion and related killings in the Country- Kenya, this year's event was dedicated to those contemplating Suicide, victims of crimes of Passion and or having depression as a sign of standing in solidarity with them. Also, to encourage more students to Participate in a sports to relieve off the academic stress and life's Vicissitudes pressure on them.
During the event, students were also urged to confide in a friend or seek a counselor when things get thick to avoid such acts.


Marked by sporting activities of all fields; football, handball, volleyball, Rugby, badminton, Tug of War, Sack race, Egg race and Darts, students cheered and intermingled. And when the sun got hot, refreshments were served to quench the thirst and cool off.


" I have been hearing about Supa Sato, but had never attended one. My friends who have been attending come back with epic stories bordering bonding and fun during Supa Sato. This time I chose to attend Supa Sato. I got myself an MKU branded t-shirt, had fun with friends and above all stood in solidarity with those faced with depression or contemplating suicide. It was a fun filled day. This should happen often, I thank the organizers" Perpetual Mbinya a 2nd year Student pursuing a Bachelor in Business & Information Technology said.


The Sports Minister, Mr. Festus Waweru had this to say " I am happy and wowed by Supa Sato's attendance. I have set a record. I thank the students for turning up in large numbers to compete and cheer one another. The cheering should not end with Supa Sato, but continue in their daily lives."


This is what he [ Festus Waweru ] had to say to Winners and losers of Supa Sato. " It is great to win. But what is important is, you gave your best and we are one large MKU family. They win, we win. You win, I win. Thank you for showing courage, teamwork and professionalism".


The Sporty Supa Sato day reaffirms fundamental truth, that; while we breathe, we hope. And as so, when faced with challenges and doubts about ourselves, we shall respond with Mount Kenya University Creed that sums up the potential of a people: Unlocking Infinite Possibilities


That each one of us has a possibility to unlock despite our challenges.


Below is the list of SUPA SATO Winners


Overall Winners:

School of Computing & Informatics 128 (pts)


Supa Sato Winners list
1. School of Computing & Informatics 128 (pts)
2. School of Business 110 (pts)
3. School of Education 80 (pts)
4. School of Medicine 26 (pts)
5. School of Social Sciences 12 (pts)
6. School of Pharmacy 8 (pts)
7. School of Engineering 6 (pts)