Yusuf Usman Peace Abstract

This paper therefore is an attempt to address the issues of peace and security according to the teaching of Islam, to de-link Islam from violence, extremism and terrorism as well as to highlight some Islamic measures on peace and security in the society. The author shall use a library theoretical based research method. At the end of this paper, the reader should be able to identify the teachings of Islam with regards to peace and security. He/she should be able to totally de-link Islam from violence, extremism, terrorism and all other misconceptions. He/she should be able to describe some of the Islamic measures on peace and security. Islam is a religion of peace. The author recommends further research on the importance of peace and security in attaining and sustaining development. Furthermore, Governments should engage researchers to come up with a new curriculum on peace and security at all levels of education. Likewise, an inter-faith approach should be used in the teaching of peace and security in our institutions. Key words: Peace, Security, Islam, Violence, terrorism, and de-link.

(President, MKU International Students Chapter)