Inter-Varsity Debate Competition held at the MKU School of Law

"Theme: Development and Human Rights: Global responsibility for human rights"


World poverty represents a failure of the international community to see half of the global population secure their basic socio-economic rights. Yet international law establishes that cooperation is essential to the realization of these human rights. In an era of considerable interdependence and marked economic and political advantage, the particular features of contemporary world poverty give rise to pressing questions about the scope, evolution, and application of the international law of human rights, and the attribution of global responsibility.

We consider the evolving nature of human rights and international cooperation in international law as a basis for addressing the role and responsibility of the international community in the creation of an environment conducive to a human-centred globalization.2 It offers a detailed examination of the historically controversial right to development and, through a careful consideration of its current significance and application, reflects the importance of the rationale of the right to development onto the critical challenge of poverty in the 21st century.

Premised on this, we hosted the inter varsity debate on 1st December, 2017 at Mount Kenya University, School of Law. Its main aim was to provoke knowledge generation and innovative strategies for the empowerment of the student community to meaningfully participate in development and human rights agenda.

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MKU Law Alumnus Clinches Parliamentary Seat

Hon. Sylvanus OsoroCongratulations to Hon. Sylvanus Osoro, MP-elect for South Mugirango. Hon.  Osoro is one of the youthful faces in the newly-elected 12th Parliament. He is an alumni of MKU School of Law and has been a versatile student. His legacy to continuing students shows the power of positive mental attitude, choices, determination, patience, persistence and perseverance in day to day life.


In his own words:


"I stand by the school of thought that believes that success and failure is one's choice. With determination and focus all combined with the three Ps (that is, Patience, Persistence and Perseverance), success is inevitable. Fortunate enough, there exist learning institutions that expand one's thinking capacity and puts him/her on set motion for this competitive world. Mount Kenya University stands out in building dreams. With the standard of scrutiny set by the University before one graduates, the hustle becomes real which eventually builds one's confidence and focus. I will forever be indebted to this state of the art institution. Nevertheless, let the young people know that attitude makes or builds one. May we all have a positive mental attitude towards life."