School of Law establishes Centre for International and Development law

The centre which will be based at School of Law Parklands has objective include :Varsity unveils Centre for International  Development Law 2

  1. To foster research on  international and development law

  2. To provide an intellectual habitat for continuing legal training on international and development law.

  3. To provide a platform for dissemination of research findings.

  4. To create a platform for networking and partnership in legal research and training.

  5. To act as a linkage between legal researchers and implementers.

  6. To provide Capacity building

It is our hope that these new initiatives, coupled with the Schools Strategic plan and ongoing transformative agenda will successfully reposition it as a renowned Centre of excellence in International and development Law. It is noteworthy that this is the only Law school with this kind of focus in the whole African region. MKU School of Law will therefore leverage upon this uniqueness to attract foreign students and entrench its foothold in the country’s legal training sector.

Varsity unveils a Law Journal

In line with the University strategic plan of 2015-2019 and the Schools strategic plan spanning the same period, the School of law has embarked on 

School of law Journal

a transformative agenda that seeks to position it as a centre of excellence in research and training in law.


The exponential growth in Kenya’s economy, increased foreign investment and its increasing role as an international and regional player has resulted into multifaceted legal problems that have both a local and international dimensions. This has created a need for re-orientation of legal training so as to produce human resources for this emerging market segment . This reality has seen the MKU school of Law adopt a new niche area ‘International and development Law’ as a way of filling the identified gap which has resulted into overreliance on foreign lawyers.

The school on Friday 14th July 2017 launched MKU Law journal with the objectives of :


  1. Providing a platform for dissemination of legal research findings.

  2. Inculcating the spirit of research and publication in legal training.

  3. Advancing knowledge sharing among legal practitioners and educators.

  4. 4 .Acting as a platform for collaborative research between state ,non-state  and the private sector.

  5. Enhancing the internationalization of legal research and training.

The journal will be published 3 times a year, although special issues of the journal targeting specific concerns in the area of law may be published as and when they emerge.

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