Japanese professors addresses MKU school of Law students

On Saturday, 4th March, 2017, Mount Kenya University, School of Law hosted delegates from Japan who included Mr. Koji Soma (Founder and President of the Sunbuilder Group and Honorary Professor of the Sate Pedagogical University of the Republic of Moldova), Prof Richard Miller of Kobe University, Prof Josh DeSantis (the International Coordinator of the Kobe Peace Research Institute) and Nina Komura (student leader at the Kobe University of Foreign Studies).


The event, moderated by two members of the Academic Faculty, was well attended by students at the Parklands campus. The theme of the dialogue was “We are One Big Family [of Humanity]-Striving Toward the Goal of World Peace” held in the context of the forthcoming International Peace Conference organized by Mount Kenya University and scheduled for May 2017 as a prelude to the August 2017 General Elections in Kenya.


Mount Kenya University wishes to thank all those who participated in making the event a success and hopes for strong future engagements, collaboration and linkages with global research institutions including Kobe University of Japan.


School of law holds Judge Tyrone Keith Yates for a public lectureOn 20th September 2016, the School of Law hosted Judge Tyrone Keith Yates, an American Judge sitting at the Hamilton County Municipal Court. The Judge arrived early at the Parklands Campus and was taken through a tour of the facilities by Dean Nelly Wamaitha. Thereafter, the Judge held an interactive meeting with the Faculty Members of the School. In the afternoon, the Judge delivered a Public Lecture entitled “The Rule of Law in American Constitutional History” followed by scholarly responses by two Faculty Members. Overall, the lecture was well-attended by both students and Faculty Members and the presentation by the Judge was excellent.