Moot Court

The Moot court was set up in the year 2010 and has been a platform within which the school has been nurturing the advocacy skills of students. Mooting is meant to encourage students develop skills in problem solving, legal analysis, drafting, legal submissions and public speaking. Mooting forms a compulsory part of the undergraduate law. The school has been privileged to host the prestigious Manfred Lachs space law Moot competition.


Since 2011, the school has participated in several regional and international competitions including the Manfred Lachs space law Moot(2011), Manfred Lachs space Law Moot competition (2012), 1st Regional children Rights Moot Court Competition (2011), 2nd Regional Children Rights Moot Court Competition (2012), The 3rd Regional children Rights Moot court competition (2013) , the 4th Regional children Rights Moot Court competition, (2014), 23rd all African moot court competition (2014), 3rd All Kenyan Moot court Competition (2015) International Jurist Commission Kenya section (ICJ competition) essay, Manfred Lachs Moot court competition  7th Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot court competition (2015) held in Geneva.



    1. 3rd Position at Manfred Lachs space law Moot(2012)
    2. Best Respondent Memorial Team (Duncan Malumbe and Abednego Kavita) at the 4th Regional Children Rights Moot Court Competition, (save the child annual moot court competition)
    3. 7th Position out of 62 Universities at 23rd All African moot court competition (2014)
    4. 4th  Position out of 10 Universities at the 3rd All Kenyan Moot court Competition(2015)
    5. 1st Runners up (Yashim Butende) at international jurist commission Kenya section (ICJ competition) essay
    6. 3rd Position in Africa at Manfred Lachs space law Moot(2015)
    7. 4th Position in Africa and 6th Globally at the 7th Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Moot Court competition(2015)
    8. 1st Position at Quiz Challenge in the Intervarsity Law Challenge


*A moot is a mock legal hearing where students play the role of counsel and deliver oral arguments on one or more points of law. A 'moot' or 'mooting' is the oral presentation of a legal issue or problem. Mooting offers a systematic training process of the essential skills of problem solving, legal analysis, drafting legal submissions and the development of public speaking. Mooting as an exercise enhances a student’s overall understanding and knowledge of particular areas of law and also enhances overall confidence in public speaking, general research, and presentation skills.