School of Law moves to Parklands


The new premises are situated in a strategic, tranquil, serene environment characterized with ample ambiance for studies, research and other extra-curricular activities; yet within less than two kilometers away from the Central Business District of Nairobi. The public and students have characterized the relocation as a break with the bustling and distracting life of the CBD which has, at times, impinged upon learning at the MKU Towers.


In addition to the degree and diploma programmes run by the School benefiting from the ambiance appurtenant to the self-standing building in a serene and quiet environment, the available space will adequately accommodate all the current and future students and staff. There are also adequate facilities for extra-curricular activities that compliment the learning process. With the available adequate facilities, the School will be able to mount more new programmes systematically tailor-made to respond to the needs of our stakeholders and the public at large. All this is done and realized at affordable costs in recognition of the universality of university education and its integral role towards realization of vision 2030.