Inter-Varsity Debate Competition held at the MKU School of Law

Topical Debate Questions
• This house believes that human rights are universal
• This House believes African cities need to invest more in housing to replace slums
• This House would enable free movement of labour across the globe to alleviate poverty disparities.
• This House believes that new technologies will make entrepreneurs of Africa’s youth.

• This House believes that poverty is the most important security issue facing Africa
• This House would end western states' control over the International Monetary Fund


The competition comprised of 5 teams, each having representation of students from all the invited school of laws in Kenya. The competition adopted the integrated mode of debate.
The competition was broken down into three stages namely; Initial, semifinal and final.
The team that won was granted the following Awards;
• Cash Price
• Membership to the International Commission of jurist (ICJ)
• Membership to Junior Lawyers Against Poverty

Debate Style
The Mjadala Kenya Format Style (MKF) is a new and domestic debate format that borrows from British Parliamentary (BP), Karl Popper (KP), World School (WS) formats and additions from feedback from past competitions in Kenya. In this format there are two teams –the government and the opposition. Each team has 5 Members. Each debate as a motion which is the issue for discussion expressed as ‘this house’ the motion is given 15 minutes before the debate The speakers are the Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition, Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Leader of Opposition, Member of Government, Member of Opposition, Government Whip, Opposition Whip, and two researchers.

Panelist were drawn from teaching staff from School of Laws, Lawyers and Magistrates