Canadian Associate Professor to give a public Lecture at School of Law

Richard Miller is a Canadian living in Japan and works as an associate professor at Kobe Kaguin University. He also holds a faculty position at The Management University of Africa where he is the regional director, Asia and Middle East.


Richard Miller,Associate Professor He received his MBA from the University of Liverpool, Masters in Education from Temple University (Philadelphia) and BA and BA Honours from Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada). Currently he is a doctoral candidate in Political Economy.


He has taught business and economics at several universities and has published widely including in magazines and newspapers in East Africa. In addition, he has been involved in academic conference organizing. Aside from academia he has started several businesses (real estate, seafood and education) in Canada, the US and Japan.


Richard Miller, will be giving a public lecture at school of Law, Parklands Campus on Monday 1st of August 2016 starting form 2:00 pm.The Theme of the lecture will be " The dichotomies of developed and developing nations: Japan and Kenya from demographics to corruption"

Everyone is invited to attend.