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Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSc.HM)

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSc.HM)
Duration: 4 years
Intakes: regular- January/may/september
Fees: Kshs. 65,000

Philosophy of the programme
To harness and equip students with the current and appropriate knowledge for service to humanity.

Programme rationale
The (BSc.HM) programme is aimed at is producing high caliber graduates who can consolidate the theory and practice of tourism management within the public sector, the private sector and the non-governmental sector through a sensitive multi-disciplinary programme characterized by a dynamic mode of delivery and a good blend of theory and practical experience in content and design.

Justification for the need of the programmes
In filling the gaps identified in the training of hospitality professionals, the BSc.HM programme is designed to recognize that its graduates will; inter alia.
i)    Have strong hospitality orientation and management knowledge in order to provide management knowledge, skills and abilities that will

  • Enhance performance through effective training of key competencies and skills 
  • Enable successful performance of manpower systems in hospitality organizations
  • Integrate all hospitality organization systems
  • Strategize service organization of levels and functions System.

j)  Exhibit strong ethical principles, good interpersonal communication values and virtues through

  • Appropriate hospitality managers codes of conduct
  • Effective and efficient trained team work
  • Excellent work assignment and demonstration
  • Being practically inquisitive and objective in achievements.

k)   Have strong analytic and critical thinking, knowledge, skills and abilities to

  • Solve management problems in hospitality organizations
  • Apply perspective and prospective hospitality and management concepts and information
  • Conceptualize and systemize people, principles, procedures, and data in hospitality enterprises

l)    Design and implement hospitality management solutions that enhance organizational performance

  • Acquiring, processing, designing and storing hospitality information
  • Modeling hospitality organizational processes, defining and managing them.
  • Helping staff in units, sections and departments to attain their goals in hospitality organization.

Goal of the Programme
The programme is intended to fill the forgoing identified gaps in hospitality skills development in the following areas:

  • Front Office operation management
  • Housekeeping and laundry management
  • Food and beverage management
  • Banqueting services
  • Human resource management
  • Service marketing
  • Financial and Accounting management
  • Service quality management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Entreprenuership
  • Events management

The course incorporates technology to meet the demands of the current job market and anticipated continued influence of electronic trade in conducting business in modern times.

Course Units of humanities like communication skills, Essential of Development, Business ethics and Laws are to address the issues of decision making as well as meet the 8.4.4 aspects in Kenya.

Expected learning Outcomes of the programme

  • Upon completion of the prescribed course of study for Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, the graduate will have acquired knowledge, skills and abilities to be able to:
  • Equip students with strong  management and operational skills in hospitality  business.
  • Have multi-faceted graduates who are multi-skilled and with entrepreneural abilities in hospitality  and tourism industry.
  • Train professionals who are practically oriented for the industry.
  • Equip students with research and innovativeness for the hospitality  industry.

Admission requirements for the proposed programme
The following are the minimum requirements for registration into BSc.HM degree Programme

Direct Entry
ii)  KCSE or equivalent certificate with a minimum mean grade of C+ and grade C (plain) in at least 3 in addition to meeting the K.C.S.E mean grade of C+, candidates for the admission to the programme shall be required to have a mean grade of C (plain) at the K.C.S.E level or its equivalent in at least three (3) of the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, English/Kishwahili,Homescience and Geography/History.
iii)  KACE or equivalent Certificate with a minimum of the principles passes and O level Credit in Geography/ History and English.
iv)  Diploma in relevant disciplines in the field of tourism from an institution recognized by the University Senate.

Entry via University Bridging
iii)   A holder of KCSE certificate or equivalent with a minimum of C+ and lacking clusters subjects, Geography / History and English as in (i) above.  The Candidate must score at least a C plain in the subject he/she is bridging in as in (i) above;

iv)  A holder of KACE certificate or equivalent with minimum of two principles and lacking O level clusters subject grades as in above.  The candidate must score a C (plain) in the subject in which he/she is bridging in as