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University Council

Prof. David Serem, Chairman University CouncilProf. David Serem, Chairman University Council Dr. Vincent Gaitho, Ph.D, Vice-Chair University CouncilDr. Vincent Gaitho, Ph.D, Vice-Chair University Council Prof. Barasa Otysula, MemberProf. Barasa Otysula, Member Dr. Francis Njonge, MemberDr. Francis Njonge, Member
 Dr. Felix Kiruthu, MemberDr. Felix Kiruthu, Member  Consolata Kiragu, MemberConsolata Kiragu, Member  Dr. Jonah Aiyabei, MemberDr. Jonah Aiyabei, Member  Mr. Thomas T. Nganga, MemberMr. Thomas T. Nganga, Member
 Prof. Len Newton, MemberProf. Len Newton, Member  Commissioner Njoki Kahiga, memberCommissioner Njoki Kahiga, member Dr Jane Wakahe, MemberDr Jane Wakahe, Member  Prof. Stanley Waudo, Ph.D, SecretaryProf. Stanley Waudo, Ph.D, Secretary