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Address by Vice-Chancellor on student council inauguration ceremony


  • Deputy Vice-Chancellors,
  • Registrar, Academic Affairs,
  • Principal, College of Health Sciences,
  • Deans of Schools,
  • Directors,
  • Heads of Departments,
  • Outgoing Student Governing Council,
  • Incoming Student Governing Council,
  • 2017 Electoral Commission,
  • Staff and Students.

Opening Remarks

Ladies and gentlemen, today’s inauguration ceremony marks the commencement of a one-year-term of a new student governing council.  It also marks the inauguration of the 16th Student Governing Council and confirms our compliance with the relevant legal provisions on University governance organs. 

University Governance and Management

Ladies and gentlemen, the Universities Act, 2012 specifies instruments of governance and governing organs of a University. For example:

  1. Instruments of Governance of a University are:
  2. The University Charter.
  3. The University Seal.
  4. The University Mace

 2. Governing Organs of a University established by the Act have distinct roles.  For example:

1. The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the sponsor of the University.  It appoints members of the University Council and the University Chancellor.

2. The University Council

The University Council employs staff, approves statutes, policies and budget of the University.  As regards policies, last year the University Council approved Student Social Welfare Policy and the International Student Welfare Policy.  It also approved an amended Mentorship Policy.

3. The University Senate

The University Senate is in-charge of all academic matters of the University.

4.The Management Board

The Management Board assists in the day-to-day management of the University and implements policies of the University.

5. Student Council

The Student Council oversees students’ activities in consultation with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Welfare and Alumni Affairs and Dean of Students, and draws attention of the Management on matters affecting the well-being of students.

Governance and Management of Mount Kenya University

Ladies and Gentlemen, between 2008 and 2010, the governance and management of the University were guided by the legal provisions set out in:

  1. The Universities (Establishment of the Universities) standardization, accreditation and supervision) 1989 Rules and 2004 Rules.
  2. The Letter of Interim Authority and
  3. Other relevant legal provisions.
  4. Nursing Council of Kenya.
  5. Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute.
  6. Clinical Officers Council of Kenya.
  7. Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologists Board.
  8. Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya.
  9. Medical and Practitioners and Dentists Board.
  10. East African Medical and Practitioners and Dentists Board.
  11. Public Health Technicians and Officers Council.
  12. Council of Legal Education.

During the Letter of Interim Authority period all degree academic programmes were approved by the former Commission for Higher Education (CHE) and relevant regulatory bodies such as:

Ladies and gentlemen, following the award of the Mount Kenya University on 26th January, 2011, the University was given the mandate to develop and mount senate approved programmes.

Following the enactment of the Universities Act 2012, chartered Universities were given the mandate to develop and mount senate approved programmes subject to review by the Commission for University Education, CUE.  Mount Kenya University has complied with this legal framework.

As you are aware, the Universities Act, 2012 established the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) governed by the placement Board.  The placement Board coordinates placement of government sponsored students to universities and colleges.  As you are aware, both Public and Private Universities started admitting government sponsored students last year, 2016.

Ladies and gentlemen, following enactment of the Universities (Amendment) Act, 2016, academic programmes shall be approved by the Commission for University Education before mounting.  The University will also comply with this provision.

Learning Environment

Ladies and gentlemen, a conducive learning environment must have facilities, services and security that meet required standards and expectations of stakeholders.  The University Management using the 2015 – 2019 Strategic Plan and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to guide its development will strive to ensure continuous improvement in facilities and services.  We will continue to monitor the quality of water to ensure that it is safe for human consumption.  Introduction of the biometric registration is designed to improve staff and student biodata management and also security.  


Ladies and gentlemen, the presence of the outgoing members of Student Council at this ceremony is commendable.  Also the presence of the 2017 election aspirants who lost due to bad luck at today’s ceremony is commendable.  Their presence is a reminder of what happens in a democratic society.  Remember, Hilary Clinton who won the popular vote but lost the presidency attended Donald Trump inauguration ceremony.


The 2017 Electoral Commission

Thank you for overseeing a competitive and peaceful election.

The 2016 Student Governing Council

Thank you for serving the University diligently and faithfully.

Dean of Students and Staff in Dean’s Office

Thank you for coordinating and supporting student activities effectively.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Student Welfare and Alumni Affairs

Thank you for playing a liaison role of linking the management and the student body effectively. 

Parents, Guardians and other distinguished guests

Thank you for creating time from your busy schedule to be with us today.

Staff and Students

Thank you for doing everything to make Mount Kenya University a premier University.


In the spirit of togetherness and corporate leadership, I am convinced that we shall continue to work together to achieve the University strategic objectives and implement the University mission effectively.  To the in-coming Student Governing Council, always strive to be transparent and accountable in your day-to-day operations.  Always embrace dialogue and seek for guidance when need arises.

God bless Mount Kenya University.

Thank you.

Prof. Stanley W. Waudo, Ph.D 

Vice Chancellor

10th February, 2017

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