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“Be prepared, Be Yourself,” MKU founder urges the youth

Unlike any other time in history, young people today have lost their identity and individuality due to the negative influence of Western culture.

Speaking during the celebrations of the Scout’s movement Founder Day at Happy Valley Grounds, Thika, Dr. Simon Gicharu, MKU founder and Board of Trustees Chairman said the secret of success and future prosperity lies in knowing thyself.

To illustrate this, he retold the popular fable of the Proud Crow.

There was once a proud crow who hated everything about himself. "I hate a black dress, no matter how glossy," he said. "I have made up my mind to be a peacock."

As he said this, he flew away to a field where he found some feathers, which the peacock had shed. He picked these up with his bill and placed them among his own feathers.

Then he marched back and forth, looking at his fine new coat. He even tried to walk like the peacock.

The real peacocks came into the yard. They did not know at first what to make of the sight. Then they saw that the crow was trying to dress and act as they did. They flew at him, calling, "Away with the cheat! Away with the cheat!" They pulled out all the peacock feathers and many of the crows own black ones.

The crow was lucky to get away alive, and flew back to his own family and old friends. But one of the crows had seen him in the field trying to become a peacock and told the others how silly he had been acting.

"Where have you been?" they cried. "We know. We know. We will not have you in this flock. Go away!" And they drove him from them.

Even the owls, whom this crow had always hated, made eyes at him and screamed, "Cheat! cheat!, Liar! Liar!" The crew flew into the forest. Here in a tree by a pond he lived a lonely life.

The frogs in the river learned their queer song from him. And that’s why they always sing "Don't, don't-be-cheat! Don't, don't-be-cheat!"

He said many young people today are like the Proud Crow. “Instead of embracing their African and individual identity, they are eager to copy the Western culture. They want to dress, walk and talk like the white people from America and Europe. When you do that, you lose your identity and isolate yourself. At the end of the day, you will find society rejecting you and your adopted Western behavior. Be yourself. “

He said the Western Culture glorifies a hedonistic way of life - through TV and movies, you might think life is all about having fun. This influence has led to many social ills including drug abuse and premarital sex.
“At this juncture, I would like to commend the Scouts Movement for the enormous role it is playing in helping young people have their own identity,” said Dr. Gicharu.

He added, “It is by knowing and appreciating yourself that you will harness your talents and bring out the best in you. “

He also said unlike any other time in history, young people have also been presented with numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth.

“If you follow and embrace the ideals as taught to you through the Scouts Movement, you will no doubt succeed. Exploit your talents to the full and don’t die with your potential,” said the MKU proprietor.

Gicharu said as a University, they felt honoured to host the celebration to mark the birthday of the founder of the Scouting movement Lord Baden Powell.

He said that in future, MKU will host not just the Scouts from Kiambu County, but also from the whole country right here on these grounds.

“It is quite encouraging to see that many young people have embraced the Scouts Movement and the virtues it teaches on physical, mental and spiritual development,” said Dr. Gicharu. He said Scouts continue to play constructive roles in society, with a strong focus on the outdoors and survival skills.

Dr. Gicharu said Mount Kenya University and the Scouts Movement have many things in common.

  1. Both of these institutions are concerned about the future of young people.
  2. Both institutions are eager to impart life skills on young people.
  3. Both institutions are committed to training young people to exploit their potential to the full.
  4. And both institutions are showing you how to “be prepared”(As the Scouts Motto says)

“This motto “Be Prepared” is all you need to create a successful future. It encourages you to plan your life. As you know, failing to plan is planning to fail,” emphasized Dr. Gicharu.

During the occasion, Kiambu County Scout Council made Dr. Gicharu the chairman of friends of scout movement in the County while Machel Waikenda, County Executive Committee Member for Youths and Sports was made a scout during a colourful ceremony presided over by Nairobi County Scout Commissioner Alice Kihungi who was the chief guest.

Following a request by the Kiambu County Scout Commissioner Francis Chege Nyoike, Waikenda said his government will provide an office for the scout council. The chairman of the Kiambu County Scout Council Dr. Steve Muguchia said the operations of the scout movement in the county were being hampered by lack of funds and good will. He urged the county government to employ an officer who will be in charge of scout in the county like many other counties have done.

Nominated MCA Emily Warutere said there was need to tap abundant talent in youth in the country. She said the talent as exhibited in the three days celebrations should be exploited. The participants were drawn from all categories of scout in learning institutions.

Among those who attended the function were the longest serving scout in the county Mzee Jamael Karundu who is also the Kiambu Sub-County Scout Council Chairman, Anthony Ndiru Kiambu Sub-County Scout Commissioner and Murang'a County Scout Training Commissioner.

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