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School of clinical medicine call for applications

The university is calling for the prospective qualified students to join School of Clinical medicine September 2018 Intake for the following programmes:

  1. Master of Clinical Medicine (Options:Forensic Medicine,Accidents and Emergency Medicine, Family Health)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine and Community Health
  3. Bachelor of Science in Health Records and Information Management
  4. Diploma in clinical Medicine and Surgery
  5. Diploma in Health records & Information Technology
  6. Certificate in Health Records & Information Technology

Kindly Note that:

  1. Mount Kenya University programmes are accredited by the Commission for University Education (CUE) including Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine and Community Health.
  2. The Clinical Officers Council of Kenya which is mandated by Cap 260 of the Laws of Kenya approved Mount Kenya University BSc. in Clinical Medicine and Community Health and Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery Programmes
  3. The Government scheme of service Recognizes Clinical Officers at both diploma and degree levels. The scheme also recognizes internship programmes for Clinical Officers.

The commitment of Mount Kenya University to offer quality education and training is supported by the existing University quality assurance system. The system operates within the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.

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