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Don receives scholarship to study relationship between science & religion

Prof Francis Muregi Director, Research and Development DivisionProf Francis Muregi Director, Research and Development DivisionProf Francis Muregi will by the end of 2019 be in a position to conclusively reveal to what extent science may be influencing Christianity in Africa. He is the Director of Research and Innovation Directorate at Mount Kenya University (MKU).

He is the MKU “SCIO Visiting Scholar in Science and Religion”, following the award of a grant last year to undertake the study.

SCIO, which stands for Scholarship & Christianity in Oxford, is the UK subsidiary of the global Council for Christian Colleges & Universities.

Prof Muregi won a two-year grant from the organisation to conduct a study titled, “Influence of Scientism on Christian Faith in Africa: A Case Study of Kenyan Universities”, starting February 2017.

The grant is given by Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities II, a project run by SCIO with funding by Templeton Religion Trust and The Blankemeyer Foundation.

Prof Muregi’s elaborate study involves participating in seminars held at Lady Margaret Hall and St Hugh’s College at the University of Oxford, working with University of Oxford faculty (amongst others) and using the university’s libraries.

This, however, is as a result of SCIO being located in Oxford. The study has no direct connection with the University of Oxford.

The project will also involve provision of start-up funding for a science and religion student club, among other activities that will be of benefit to MKU as a whole.

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