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Makerere University school of education delegates visited MKU

A delegation of FOUR (4) Senior members of Faculty from Makerere University’s College of Education visited the School of Education, Mount Kenya University, Main Campus, Thika for a joint three day workshop (Wednesday 10th to Friday 12th January 2018).

Makerere delegates join a group photo together with MKU staffMakerere delegates join a group photo together with MKU staff

The team of scholars from Makerere University included:

1. Prof. Fred Masagazi Masaazi (Principal, College of Education and External Studies-(myself)

2. Dr. Henry Busulwa (Chair, Department of Science, Technical and Vocational Studies)

3. Dr. Nicholas Itaaga (Chair, Department of Foundations and Curriculum Studies)

4. Ass. Prof. Anthony Mugagga (Ag. Director, Institute of Education Research) - Philosophy of Education.

This very successful workshop took place at the New Senate Boardroom. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Stanley Waudo informed the delegates who were accompanied by members of MKU Senate when they visited his office that, the University Management will support the recommendations from the workshop. He however advised that, they should start with the “low-lying fruits” in their recommendations to ensure programme feasibility.

The workshop delved on the following key areas;
1) Undergraduate and postgraduate teacher education programs,
2) Preparation and supervision of student teachers during school/teaching practice,
3) Teachers’ community engagements,
4) Continuous professional development and other teacher professional engagements
5) Quality Assurance mechanism

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