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ADM007 Director, Security Services

The Director, Security shall report to the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration, Planning and Advancement and will be responsible and accountable for the leadership and management of all safety and physical security initiatives impacting the University. He directs day-to-day operations, emergency and crisis response, and compliance with the all legal requirements, as well as investigations and physical security risk mitigation efforts at all University locations.
Principal accountabilities are:

  1. Coordination of all security matters that pertain to the University. This is through proper management of the various security mechanisms in place which entail surveillance systems and the internal and external security groups.
  2. Developing the University's security strategic plan every 5 years as well as review it periodically when necessary so as to guide in the long term planning of security enhancement in the University.
  3. Developing and reviewing security and safety guidelines periodically to inform/enlighten the various internal stakeholders of the University on how to face contingencies
  4. Developing the University's security policy every 2 years and review the same when need be to guide the operations of the various categories of security staff i.e. employed guard force, outsourced guard force and the national police service.
  5. Developing the annual budget estimates of the department to guide in departmental expenditures upon allocation of funds every financial year.
  6. Developing and reviewing the pre-employment check system on a periodic basis to guide in determination of suitable new security employees
  7. Overseeing the regular deployment and daily supervision of subordinates to ensure proper coverage of the entire University and performance of work is as per laid down rules and regulations.
  8. In Liaison with the relevant departments, organizing for fire drills and fire training for selected fire marshals within the University.

Desired Qualifications.

  1. A Bachelors degree in a security related field. (Masters would be an added advantage)
  2. Served in the disciplined forces and attained a rank of captain / Chief inspector of police and above.
  3. Over Fifteen (15) relevant years' experience.
  4. Have been an officer commanding at a station level.
  5. Knowledge of intelligence collection / investigations.
  6. Valid certificate of good conduct.
  7. Computer literate.
  8. Clean discharge certificate where applicable.
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