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Department of Educational Management and Curriculum Studies

About the Department

The Department of Educational Management and Curriculum Studies is situated in the Vice Chancellor’s Towers in the main Campus Thika, Mount Kenya University.  It is one of the largest departments in the School of Education.  It was established in 2009 and then it was called Curriculum and Instruction in the School of Education at Mount Kenya University which split into three departments in 2013 hence the current name of the department. It is the hub of professional teacher development in Eastern and Central Africa.

In her endeavors to promote quality education in the country, the department has embraced the training of Primary and Secondary school teachers equipping them with knowledge and skills required to boost the status of our education sector. Since its inception, the department has offered courses ranging from Diploma in Education (Arts and Science) to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education. The departmental courses aim at producing experts in teacher education and are aligned in the realization of the Vision 2030. The departmental curricula development processes engage specialists in areas of interest, employers and our curricula are market- driven. Our teaching/learning processes are practical oriented and engage academic trips to nurture learners` practical skills and aptitudes. The department embraces the use of ICT in the Teaching/Learning process to promote integration of ICT in Education.

Our Vision

To be an international centre of excellence, promoting best practices in content delivery, pedagogical skills, leadership skills, professionalism and technological knowledge.

Our Mission

To mobilize resources, provide  holistic  skills  in  educational administration, management, curriculum studies and planning, by promoting quality professional  leadership  skills  and  supervision  of educational programmes, and service to community, through  effective  training,  management  and research.


The objectives of the department are to:

  1. Prepare pre-service and in-service teachers in all aspects of life
  2. Train teachers  on the best practices of teaching/learning across the school curriculum.
  3. Conduct professional teacher development workshops for practicing teachers.
  4. Train pre-service teachers to be of service to the society where they work.
  5. Conduct research in all areas of education.
  6. Collaborate with interested partners in educational research.
  7. Develop students’ academic communication skills and competences.
  8. Establish linkages with other education institutions globally

Programs on offer

  1. PhD in Education, Options: Curriculum studies, Educational Planning, Economics of Education, Educational Administration, leadership and Management
  2. Master of Education,Options :Curriculum studies, Educational Planning, Economics of Education, Educational Administration, leadership and Management
  3. Postgraduate Diploma In Education (PGDE)
  4. B.Ed. (Science & Arts)
  5. BED-Primary Education
  6. Diploma in Education(Arts & Science)
  7. Diploma in School Management