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Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering


The Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering of Mount Kenya was established with the aim of fully integrating various energy generating technologies and environmental issues to meet the changing demands of the energy industry.

Our vision is to be among the best Energy and Environmental Engineering Departments internationally by providing a conducive  environment that enhance and foster academic excellence.

Our mission is to produce graduates that have a firm grasp of the principles and skills of energy and environmental engineering through quality training, in addition to carrying out research and innovation aimed at benefiting man and the environment.

Currently, the department houses two undergraduate Programmes; that is, BSc Energy and Environmental Technology and BSc Petroleum Exploration and Production,  and short courses in energy

BSc Petroleum Exploration and Production
BSc. Petroleum Exploration and Production is a programme aimed at preparing graduates for careers in the oil and gas industry. Its related operations apply physical, and mathematical principles to identify and solve problems associated with exploration, exploitation, drilling, production and all the related economic and management problems associated with the recovery of hydrocarbons and other non-conventional sources of energy from deep beneath the earth’s surface.

BSc. Energy & Environmental Technology

BSc. Energy & Environmental Technology was designed in response to a recognized need to combat challenges of climate change. We produce graduates who have a detailed knowledge, and fundamental understanding of the various sources of energy, their production, harnessing, conversion, and environmental concerns associated with the use of energy. The course also addresses how well energy can be managed in industries and domestic settings to overcome environmental issues associated with the use of fossil fuels.

The renewable energy technologies which is also an important constituent of the programme provides knowledge in the scientific and technology foundations and skills for such needs as alternative fuel technology, biomass energy, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy extraction and utilization, nuclear fusion and fission energy. Students are equipped with skills in developing technical solutions, alternative technologies as well as mitigating the environmental impacts of energy production and usage.

The programmes we offer prepare graduates for various future career-paths and life-long learning to enable them contribute to national and international development in clean energy and sustainable environment.

Short courses in renewable energy technologies offered by the department include:

  1. Wind energy technology
  2. Solar thermal & photovoltaic technology
  3. Biomass energy technology
  4. Energy auditing
  5. Geothermal energy technology
  6. Well drilling technology