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Department of Educational Communication and Technology


The department of Educational Communication and Technology offers courses in Instructional Technology as its core business. These courses cover all the Subject Methods for the subjects offered in Primary, High Schools and Tertiary colleges. The courses are designed to prepare students for a career as professional Designers of Instructional Systems, Educators, subject methods specialists, Educational quality and standards officers or managers of Instructional Technology. The department also offers programmes for Masters Degree in Instructional Technology, Science Education, Mathematics Education, Language Education, Social Studies and Business Education. The department also offers a Doctor of Philosophy Programme in Instructional Technology. Currently, a curriculum for Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics and Science Education is underway.

The department has a total of eight full time teaching staff and other Associate Faculty who are well versed in their areas of specialization and have published widely.


VISION:  To be a center of excellence in quality training, research and consultancy in Instructional Technology.

MISSION: To provide all round quality education, training and innovative research by incorporating technology that reflects best practices in the society.

Programs on Offer:

  1. Bachelor of Education (Science)
  2. Bachelor of Education (Arts)
  3. Bachelor of Education Primary Option (B.ED BEPO)
  4. Diploma in Education (Science)
  5. Diploma in Education (Arts)
  6. Diploma in School Management (Primary/Secondary option)
  7. Post graduate Diploma in Education
  8. Master of Education in Instructional Technology,  Options:Science Education, Mathematics Education, Language Education, Social Studies Education and Technology Education
  9. PHD in Education , Options: Science Education, Mathematics Education, Language Education, Social Studies Education, Technology Education

Department Examiners