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Peter Njenga Njoroge

Peter Njenga Njoroge,  LecturerPeter Njenga Njoroge, LecturerPhd-Ongoing-ECS
MA Education & International Development
Lecturer: Nakuru Campus
Area of Specialisation-early childhood, development and education

Research Interests

  1. Development with reference  to Early childhood education
  2. Equity in matters of education
  3. Relationship between education and development
  4. Global debates and agendas on education, childhood, child rights
  5. Challenges of childhood
  6. Changing concept of the child
  7. Institutionalized childhood
  8. Devolution and childhood services
  9. Teaching writing to beginners: Testing learning theories

Papers yet to be published

  1. The child and childhood: the changing concept


  1. The Impact Of The Constituency Development Fund On The Quest For Improved Educational Equity In The Context Of Nakuru Town Constituency
  2. An Assessment Of The Impact Of The Two-Year Early Childhood Diploma Programme On The P1 Teachers’ Participation In The Promotion Of Learning In The Early Grades In Kenya
  3. Primary School Teachers Opinions on the Jubilee Laptop Pledge